Lean & Improvement Consultants.

We combine traditional improvement methods with a young creative energy in a single seamless offering. The foundation improvement methods come from over two decades of Lean consulting experience, however, we are not limited by Lean and employ our commercial, procurement, supply chain, human resources, learning & development and project management skills to provide truly bespoke solutions to our clients. 

At the core of our business is a passion for people and enabling high performance cultures. This is reflected in our strategic partnership with SoundWave Global and an integral part of every client programme we deliver.  AJC and SoundWave are natural consulting partners using their particular capabilities in a creatively combined way to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Client Partner delivery team are selected based on their competency, their approach to customer service and their ability to think creatively. Typically, they will have spent a significant number of years acquiring their expertise and now seek to utilise and broaden their skills in a range of challenging environments. It will be from this pool that we select the right combination of approach, skills and creativity to match with your particular needs.

Change is an imprecise activity which offers unforeseen opportunities and risks. It is how we engage with these that will ultimately determine our success. We therefore place great importance on matching our experts to your requirements as precisely as possible.



Get to Know Us



Sonja is a co-founder and the COO of Allen and Jones Consulting Partners. Sonja builds on more than a decade of team and change leadership in the corporate arena of a truly global, fortune 100 business. During this time, she successfully implemented many Lean & change projects eventually taking responsibility for projects which were reported directly to the management board.

With this background in change and project leadership, particularly in the human resources and IS environments, Sonja has always had a keen interest in identifying methods that help organisations to create the culture they aspire to as opposed to remaining stuck in the culture they created. 


With regards to SoundWave Sonja is somewhat of a veteran. Her first interaction with SoundWave was 8 years ago, which makes her one of the longest serving practitioners in the SoundWave Global Academy. In client work, Sonja focusses on the practical application of SoundWave in organisational culture change. Interventions range from bespoke training programs over leadership coaching to developing full cultural transformation programs.



Alan, the other of our two founders, has a breadth and depth of Lean experience gained in a wide range of market sectors from primary processing to manufacturing, packaging, utilities and local authorities. At AJC Partners Alan is responsible for leading Lean and Engineering-based customer projects. 

An engineer at heart Alan spent many years of his career looking for a tool, that repeatably and logically explains and improves the quality of human interaction. This is where SoundWave came in for Alan.

In fact, Alan and Kevin have had a long-standing business relationship for many years. Alan was also responsible to introduce Sonja to SoundWave.

As our Head of Sales and CFO, Alan is likely to be one of your  key points of contact in our organisation.



Kevin is the Managing Director of SoundWave Global Limited, the creator and owner of the SoundWave suite of analytical and development resources and AJC's Skilful Dialogue Consulting Lead.


Kevin began his career in Organisational Learning and Development on completion of his Masters degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the early 1980s. Taking a particular interest in how verbal interactions in the workplace affect results, he moved further into Business Improvement consulting after a career in senior International HR and OD across a number of business sectors. In 2015, he established SoundWave Global.

Kevin works consistently at senior levels in client organisations coaching and consulting with leaders to develop communication styles and practices that deliver engagement and ownership in the workplace. Client sectors include Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, FMCG, Food Manufacturing, and Logistics with businesses from around the world. Client organisations commonly report enhanced interactional skills, improved relationships, and improved business outcomes.



Sarah is our Business Coordinator and marketing lead and as such is our first point of contact for enquiries.


With a background in science communication and research, Sarah’s role is to create and deliver high-quality content and ensure events and workshops are delivered on time, scope and quality.


Sarah’s many years’ experience in the hospitality sector have allowed her to finely hone her communication skills and this drives her passion for Soundwave. She has most recently become an accredited SoundWave practitioner and will as such occasionally support client assignments in that capacity, too.