Learn to speak the Language of Improvement - a SoundWave & AJC Partners webinar.

"The need to communicate with others is perhaps the definition of what it is to be human." - Kevin Eyre, Founder & MD of Soundwave Global


Effective Continuous Improvement is more important now than ever. Imagine if, simply through changing the way we speak with one another, we could create a Culture of Continuous Improvement.


This webinar compiles many years of research in the Lean, Change and Transformation arenas to bring you a practical toolkit with which you can create a Continuous Improvement Culture.


£49.99 allows you access to this exclusive 1.5hr webinar. In addition, you will receive a tailored Soundwave Brilliance report, offering insight into the strengths you possess which will develop your fluency in the Language of Improvement.


Join Sonja (Transformation Practise Lead, AJC Partners Consultancy) who will help you unlock your potential to create and foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

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