We help businesses improve. Our four pillar model to accelerate business performance, increase productivity and put our clients on a growth trajectory focusses on...

PURPOSE - organisational strategy and direction. Do you know where you are going and why? Does your team know? How engaged is the organisation in your strategic roadmap? Without a clear purpose, organisations and teams are unable to grow. We support businesses to bring their strategy to life from initial strategy formation over roadmap creation to deployment. 

PLAN - planning capability, planning tools, methods and project delivery. Whether you are manufacturing a product or delivering a service, the ability to plan your fulfilment processes, your capacity and capability requirements, your projects and respond flexibly to customer demand in equal measures is a core success factor for most businesses today. We use our extensive production and project management expertise to help you build and deliver bespoke planning tools & models for your organisational requirement.

PROCESS - from value stream mapping to process design and implementation. Processes are the cornerstones of how we make our work work. Processes can be highly structured or leave plenty of space of agility and innovation. Regardless, a good process will always be robust and have a built in continuous improvement capability. We help you identify and implement the best processes for your organisation and deliver the corresponding systems of improvement.

PEOPLE - from organisational design over capacity-capability frameworks to helping you build high performing teams and the supportive leadership that will empower them to deliver on your organisational objectives. People are the hearts and minds of every organisation and therefore at AJC Partners we are putting your people firmly at the heart of everything we do. With our extensive multinational HR background as much as our partnership with SoundWave Global, we will support you and your team to build the organisation and culture you aspire to, rather than learn to live with the organisation you inherited.