Learn About Skilful Dialogue

Fundamentally, SoundWave is about the application of enhanced capabilities. Building better communication skills for leaders and team members engages people, creates positive cultures and makes organisation performance flow. 

Our consulting work helps you to create the type of culture and performance that your organisation needs.

SoundWave can be used to:

  • Drive a culture of “ownership” through skilful communication. Our bespoke Skilful Dialogue Programs build the interactional skills of leaders, managers and professionals to drive ownership and the thirst of learning amongst their teams.

  • For sustainable enterprise excellence. Our Skilful Dialogue for Operational Excellence program consists of consulting interventions that equip organisations with the ability to create and sustain cultures for continues improvement by building and enhancing interactional skills. View case study


  • Create great leaders that lead effectively. Our The Science & Application of Interpersonal Excellence program help leaders understand how the way they talk creates and affects the relationships and cultures around them. It equips them with the know-how to improve their  communication skills and to hold effective conversations.