SoundWave Collaboration

Own Your Conversation.

The interaction between technical change and people change is crucial and relies upon communication. Primarily the spoken word. This is where SoundWave comes in. 


AJC Partners are SoundWave Global Academy members and Practitioners within the SoundWave Global Collective.  We offer a wide range of SoundWave based interventions ranging from individual coaching over webinars, C-Suite development retreats to standardised or bespoke full organisational transformation programmes. Find our more about the SoundWave concept and it's applications on the website OR watch the short interview Sonja conducted with the Founder and Managing Director of SoundWave, Kevin Eyre. Kevin talks about the science behind and the many benefits of SoundWave, how it helps organisations the create the culture they desire and individuals to own their conversation.

We have applied SoundWave in a range of applications helping professionals and leaders understand the implications of their speech and how to built better  relationships and crucially, become more effective change agents. SoundWave is the glue that holds change together.