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Meet the Partners.

Sonja and Alan about the AJC Partners story.


About AJC's Partners

We combine traditional Improvement methods with a young creative energy in a single seamless offering. The foundation Improvement methods come from over 2 decades of Lean consulting experience however we are not limited by Lean and employ our commercial, procurement, supply chain, recruitment, training and project management skills to provide a truly bespoke solution for our clients. 


Alan has a breadth and depth of Lean experience gained in a wide range of market sectors from primary processing to manufacturing, packaging, utilities and local authorities. At AJC Partners Alan is responsible for leading Lean and Engineering-based customer projects. He also leads our Sales and Finance team.

Sonja has built on more than a decade of management and team development with over 7 years of lean change experience gained in the corporate arena of a truly global business. During this time she successfully implemented many change projects eventually taking responsibility for projects which were reported directly to the management board. As COO Sonja is responsible for customer operations delivery. She also leads all transformation and culture change customer projects and is our Head of Agile Solutions.

Our associate delivery team are selected based on their competency, their approach to customer service and their ability to think creatively. Typically, they will have spent over 20 years acquiring their expertise and now seek to utilise and broaden their skills in a range of challenging environments. It will be from this pool that we select the right combination of approach, skills and creativity to match with your particular needs.

Change is an imprecise activity which offers unforeseen opportunities and risks. It is how we engage with these that will ultimately determine our success. We therefore place great importance on matching our experts to your requirements as precisely as possible.